Thursday, June 9, 2011

Review of English Language Learning Website

This is a review of an English language website from the class homepage.
The website is called

First, I chose to review a simple crossword.

I would recommend this activity for a beginner level English language student because it is fun and the voacbulary is easy and common.

I hope you enjoy this website!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UOI Interview With Ms. Gamage

I would like to choose the same topic with different information, because the topic that I explained is my hobby and it is easy for me to explain to other people. I am really interested in this topic and I spend a lot of my free time working on car engines. One thing I would change is
the explanation about the topic and make it more specific so people can understand more easily about my topic. I did well in the research I think I can do better for the product like the personal project.

I will prepare for the interview by writing the answers tot he questions on cue cards, practicing using Photobooth. Predicted grade is a 4.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 3 Knowlegde

Week 3: Knowledge
Teacher Notes
Started to find, list and describe information related to Engine tuning.
Approaches to Learning-
Choose possible AOI and ATL to focus on
Good use of Bloom’s verbs in your writing.
Standard and Criterion Met Criterion A and B
Completed Task I found an article on Engine Tuning and start making a survey and interview people. A summary will be a good start when you are int he comprehension stage.
To Do List Weekly reflection on blog: Write a summary describing the topic including main idea and conclusions Great work!

Week 2 Getting Started

Week 2 Getting Started-April 11th- 15th Teacher Notes
Review Criterion
Introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy (Very briefly)
Introduce Areas of Interaction
Re-evaluate- Topic
Standard and Criterion Met Criterion A
1. ask interpretive and evaluative questions
3. select a focus, organization, and point of view based upon purpose, audience, length, and format requirements appropriate to audience and circumstance.

Week 1 Introduction

Week 1 Introduction-April 5th- 8th Teacher Notes
Introduce unit and unit question
Complete a survey of interests
Introduce Matrix
Review learning styles
Pick Topic

Good Start!
Completed Task Learning styles and personal interest surveys posted onto blog page.
To Do List Think about a topic and AOI. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Week 2 Getting Started-April 11th- 15th Teacher Notes

Reflection On Bloom’s Project


What you have learnt about?

Engine Tuning

What have you learnt about how you learn?

I started an Internet search on “Engine Tuning” I used one article and it said that Engine Tuning is for people who like automotive and also Engine tuning is for increasing the car speed.

Why do people want to tune their car into a faster car?

I found that I am visual learner and the print is more interesting when there are picture cues that help me understand what I am reading.


I will form some questions related to Engine Tuning and survey my classmates?

I will set up a survey in ESL class on Wednesday. I will use a Venn diagram to show the difference between 2 cars Engines Tuning- Lancer Evolution 4


I will read and analyze the survey results and then make a table in excel that will show about Engine tuning.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reflection on weeks 1-5

During the past 5 weeks I have created 2 tasks on my topic engine tuning

First I researched using the net and found an article that provided background information to help my understanding of the issues related to my topic “engine tuning”

With this information I created a summary on the topic and posted this on my blog page. This helped my understanding of the issues related to Engine Tuning

With this information I created a summary on the topic and posted this on my blog page. This helped my understanding and provided me with more information to move to the next stage on Blooms.

During the “comprehension” stage 1 created my second task “Engine Tuning” post photo/ create a survey/ embed a visual snapshot to show the audience my understanding of the topic. We were asked to record our summaries as a video and embed the file into our blog to demonstrate our oral language skills and ability to master intonation and expression. I found this difficult to do at first but Yohanes was able to assist us and I was pleased with the final product.

Now I am preparing for the next stage of blooms “ application” and I am deciding how I will design my next task that could include: an interview, a simulation, a presentation using IT tolls and illustration.

It’s time for me now to plan my next task so please check my blog on Friday and post a comment.